Things to Remember When Choosing the Right Domain Name

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Naming your website business is not as easy as naming your pet. Choosing a name just because it sounds good or has a personal appeal isn’t enough to help your website survive the forever-changing online scene. You will have to go through several things to create a domain name that your customers will remember. Here are some tips that will help you with choosing the domain name for your business:

1. Shortness is the Best Policy

Your goal here is to get customers, and you won’t get them if you use a long domain name. People won’t bother to type just to see what you have to offer. Keep your domain name short. Do away with hyphens and numbers, as these will only make it difficult for your customers and buyers to recall your online address.

2. Memorability Boosts Brand Mobility

Having a short domain name doesn’t mean that you will have to inhibit your imagination from creating a memorable one. A memorable domain name is easy to spell and remember. Look at how YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter achieved their status today. Having a memorable domain name will raise brand awareness among your customers. You can come up with a new word in case your main goal revolves solely around branding or tweaking existing ones, like how Flickr did it. Keep yourself from using out-of-date and hard-to-spell words.

3. The Name is The Reflection of Your Business

If you ask the search engine for the latest news about basketball or any other sports, which site will you most likely click on— or Make sure that the name of your website clearly reflects the business you’re conducting.

4. Keywords are Important, But not Necessary

You have to create a good domain name not only for branding but also for SEO purposes. A domain name that contains relevant keywords helps with your campaign of getting a spot on the search engine results pages.

In a world where people instantly turn to the Internet for information, it is just right to give this aspect of your business heavy consideration. Make sure that your business will have proper branding and a solid customer base through its name.

Elzer John Ramos is a Senior SEO Analyst in one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies in the Philippines. For three years of experience, Elzer has tried and used different methodologies that have produced results and pushed websites up the rankings. His vast experience ranges from keyword research, link building, in-depth site audits to SEO technical setups and implementations.
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