Who says Outbound Links will NOT help your Google Rankings? THINK AGAIN.

Another study by Rebootonline.com became a word of mouth in the online community when they released a new research that proves outgoing links to have a positive impact on your website despite that Jon Mueller of Google confirmed that outbound links are not a ranking factor.

The research shows a pretty good proof of evidence after 5 months of study. Contradicting to what many believe, that Google, will penalize you if they found out that you are participating in outgoing link schemes to manipulate competitor’s ranking, the research standout saying “we have proved they do have a positive impact if used correctly.”

Even Rand Fishkin of Moz tweeted his “conclusion”:

Many online marketers and SEOs have given their comments about the new research. Most of them indirectly exclaim Google as “lying” about their ranking algorithm.

Mambo Man

What do you think about this study? Read the full article here.

Elzer John Ramos is a Senior SEO Analyst in one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies in the Philippines. For three years of experience, Elzer has tried and used different methodologies that have produced results and pushed websites up the rankings. His vast experience ranges from keyword research, link building, in-depth site audits to SEO technical setups and implementations.
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