SEO Summit 2016


We in the digital marketing industry are ever keen to grow our knowledge and forge ties with other SEO specialists in the game. So the chance to attend the 2016 SEO Summit Conference held at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Quezon City on June 11 was something not to be missed.

As always at these events, just showing up was a game changer in itself, offering the chance to mingle and interact with other key players in the industry and form useful new connections and ties.

Free SEO Hacker T-shirts, stickers, and fliers were given out at registration, setting the mood for what was to come. The organizers had gone to a lot of trouble to make this a day to remember, including a fun sign-up game where attendees were challenged to collect signatures from the sponsors to win prizes.

The SEO Summit is much more than just another workshop or seminar experience. Aside from the inspiring content, the Summit offers a powerhouse day of gaining access to the best minds and leaders in the SEO game and the opportunity to have your knowledge of SEO taken to a whole new level. The digital space is highly competitive, so staying ahead is essential if you want to remain a viable player.

This year’s Summit had over a hundred participants, a combination of digital marketing professionals, agency delegates, and newbies in search of guru guidance.

The six featured keynote presenters were each established experts in their own right, willing to give their insights into where the industry is headed and pass on their specialist knowledge to the rest of us.

Grant Merriel of Conversion UP kicked off proceedings with his presentation on strong content as the essential foundation of any good SEO – and unusual ways to get it.


Next on the menu was Jason Acidre of Xight Interactive, showing us the reason why he attracts the world renown he does with his creative strategies on big brand link building, using actual case studies that he’s done to take us through.


Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO went down particularly well with delegates with his creative and off-the-wall angles on SEO and link acquisitions.


He was followed by our own general manager Bernard San Juan III offering fascinating insights on site optimization and reminding us just how far the field has moved since the early years.


Wojtek Mazur of’s provided welcome was accessible particularly tailored to the level of foundational approach to getting content perfectly optimized for users and SEO was particularly welcomed by those just starting out with SEO.


And finally, wrapping up the day, the inimitable Sean Si of SEO Hacker on how to maximize conversions through SEO & CRO and the need for knowledgeability in order not to let the one override the other.


All in all, a great day that drew lots of positive response from attendees. The consensus was that this was the best SEO Summit yet. Can’t wait for the next one!

Elzer John Ramos is a Senior SEO Analyst in one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies in the Philippines. For three years of experience, Elzer has tried and used different methodologies that have produced results and pushed websites up the rankings. His vast experience ranges from keyword research, link building, in-depth site audits to SEO technical setups and implementations.
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